Narration change exercises

Narration Rules chart और नीचे दी गई pdf से आप महत्वपूर्ण नियमो को आसानी और अच्छे से याद करके नीचे दिए गए Narration change exercises से speech को change कर सकते है – 

Narration change exercises

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Narration change exercises :-

1.  Arun says, “There is no ink in the inkpot.”

Arun says that there was no ink in the inkpot.
2.  The principal says, “Sneha will fail.”
The principal says that Sneha will fail.
3.  Mukesh will say, “Dinner is ready.”
Mukesh will say that Dinner is ready.
4.  Binay says to me, “I am your friend.”
Binary tells me that he is my friend.
5.  My brother says to me, “I love you.”
My brother tells me that he loves me.
6.  She will say to me, “I am ready to help you.”
She will tell me that she is ready to help me.
7.  Mukesh says to Binay, “I shall help you if you help me.
Mukesh tells Binay that he will help him if he helps him.
8.  He said to me,”I shall write a letter.”
He told me that he would write a letter.
9.  Ashok said to Raman, “You can speak English.”
Ashok told Raman that he could speak English.
10. She said to her, “He is a good player.”
She told her that he was a good player.
11. He said, “I had to do the work.”
He said that he had had to do the work.
12. He said, “I went to Patna yesterday.”
He said that he had gone to Patna the previous day.
13. Sudhir said to me, “You had been writing a letter for two hours.”
Sudhir told me that I had been writing a letter for two hours.
14. This morning she said, “I will go out today.”
This morning she said that she would go out that day.
15. They say, “We are reading novels.”
They say that they are reading novels.
16. Mohan said, “I have a headache.”
Mohan said that he had a headache.
17. Mother said, “Honesty is the best policy.”
Mother said that honesty is the best policy.
18. He said, “We are mortal.”
He said that we are mortal.
19. The teacher said to me, “Earth moves around the Sun.”
The teacher told me that Earth moves around the Sun.
20. He said, “We must obey our parents.”
He said that we must obey our parents.
21. She said, “You are foolish, Mukesh.”
She said Mukesh that he was foolish.
22. He said to me, “Are you a student?
He asked me if/whether I was a student.
23. Sneha said to me, “Do you play cricket?”
Sneha asked me if/whether i played cricket.
24. Rajani said to me, “Can you meet me tomorrow at Patna Junction?”
Rajani asked me if/whether i could meet her the next day at Patna Junction.
25. I said to my wife, “What are you doing today?”
I asked my wife what she was doing that day.
26. The teacher said to me, “How old are you?”
The teacher asked me how i old was.
27. Anshu said to her mother, “How are you?”
Anshu asked her mother how she was.
28. Prabha said to me, “You like sweets, don’t you?”
Prabha asked me if I like sweets.
29. Monika said to me, “Will you love me?”
Monika asked me If i would love her.
30. He said to Pankaj, “Sit down”
He told/requested Pankaj to sit down.
31. The doctor said, “Walk in the morning.”
The doctor advised me to walk in the morning.
32. He said to me, “Have a cup of coffee.”
He told me to have a cup of coffee. OR
He asked me if/whether a cup of coffee had.
33. He said to me, “Don’t open the door.”
He asked me not to open the door. OR
He forbade me to open the door.
34. He said to him, “Do not sit idle.”
He asked him not to sit down.
35. The children said, “Let us play together.”
The children proposed/suggested that we/they should play together.
The children proposed/suggested playing together.
36. Mother said to me, “May you live long !”
Mother blessed me that I might live long.
37. Manisha said to me, “May you get success!”
Manisha wished me that I might get success.
38. Ajit said, “What a beautiful sight !”
Ajit exclaimed with joy that it was a beautiful sight.
40.  She said, “Ughh ! I have hated him like any thing.”
She exclaimed with disgust that she had hated him like any thing.
41. She said, “Binit will come tomorrow.”
She said that Binit would come the next day.
42. He says, “I am going to Patna.”
He says that he is going to Patna.
43. He said, “Two and four is six.”
He said that two and four is six.
44. Mohan said to me, “I wanted to help you.”
Mohan told me that he had wanted to help me.
45. I said to him, “I love you and your cat.”
I told him that I loved him and his cat.

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