Use of Articles with examples

Use of Articles with examples मे किस प्रकार के वाक्यों में A/ An/ The का प्रयोग होगा और किस वाक्य में नहीं, Articles Exercises with Answers मे आर्टिकल रुल्स के साथ हल किया गया है –
Use of Articles with examples

Use of Articles with examples :-

Clearly, we check firstly sound of word which is situated after blank.

Then we choose a indefinite article to fill up that blank.
If the sound is vowel(अ  से  अ: तक ), then we use article ‘an’ and if the sound is consonant (क  से  ज्ञ तक),  then we use article ‘a’.
For example:
  1. Copper is …………  useful metal.        (useful)
  2. He is ………………. honest.                  (honest)
  3. Mathematics is ………. easy subject.   (easy)
In these example, we check the sound of words useful, honest, easy res.
The sound of Useful is यु , honest is ओ  and easy is इ . So we use article a, an, an respectively.
Note:- sound of honest is ओ not हो
Some important example are:-
  1.  ……….. tall and …………. beautiful girl loves me.
  2.  He has bought …………. one and ……………. half kilo sugar.
  3.  I have bought …………. kilo and ………….. half sugar.
  4.  …………  black and white horse was running on the road.
जैसा मैने बताया की (अ  से अ:) आने पर हम “an” का प्रयोग करेगे और (क से ज्ञ) आने पर “a”
इसलिए हम example 1 में टाल से पहले a का और ब्यूटीफुल से पहले भी a का
लेकिन example 1 में सेंटेंस प्रेजेंट सिंपल है और वर्ब ( loves ) सिंगुलर या एकवचन है इसलिए  नाउन भी एकवचन होगा।  अगर हम पहले और दूसरे ब्लैंक्स में a का प्रयोग करगे तो टेंस के हिसाब से वाक्य गलत होगा
इसलिए हम ऐसा करगे
A tall and beautiful girl loves me.
इसी प्रकार He has bought one and a half kilo sugar.
I have bought a kilo and a half sugar.
A black and white horse was running on the road.
Now we take example fourth,
If the example would be like ” ………… black and ………….. white horse were running on the road”.
Here helping verb is ‘were’ that is a plural so noun would be a plural. Now the sentence is
A black and a white horse were running on the road.

No use of Articles ‘A/ An’

Use of Articles with examples
Desktop view of Article

1.) Before the name of 

  • Proper noun
  • plural noun 
  • uncountable noun like ( gold, water rice milk, oil, paper, etc.)
  • meals, rank/ post/ position/ job

2.) No use after the name of 

  • possessive adjectives like ( my, our your, his, her its, their)
  • demonstrative adjectives like ( this, that, these those, such, another, any etc.)
  • distributive adjectives like ( each, every, either, neither)
For example:- 
  1.  ……*……..Gold is …..a….. precious metal.
  2.  ……*…….. Water is necessary for life.
  3.  He was invited to …….*…. lunch.
  4.  My uncle has given me the title of …..*…… Netaji.
  5.  Man is ….*….. mortal.

Use of definite article ‘The’

Before the names of :

  • Mountains like ( the himalayas, the alps, the vindhyas, the eastern ghats )  except their peaks like (mount everest, mount abu, nanda devi, dhaulagiri, annapurna, mount fuji, mount olympus ) 
  • Rivers like ( the kango, the amazon, the misisipi, the huang ho, the indus, the dazala, the irabdi, the thames, the tapti, the hoogali, the denub, the nile, the krishna etc.),
  • Canals
  •  Oceans
  • Sea
  • Bay/Gulf except Hudson bay, 
  • Group of Islands like ( the andamans, the west indies, the nicobars, the east indies, the phillipines, the laccadive islands) except ( java, sumatra, ceylon, sicily)
  • Ships like ( the victoria, the vikrant, the queen marry the torry canyon )
  • Rails like ( the rajadhani express, the punjab mail, the toofan express, the sharamjeevi express, the pawan express, the magadh express, the vikramshila express )
  • Aeroplanes like ( the makaly the kashmir princess, the meghdoot )
  • Part of the Body except (at hand, in hand, on foot)
  • Chair
  • Clubs
  • Hall
  • Cinema
  • Theater
  • Hotel,
  •  Restaurant like ( the maurya, the apasara, the hilton, the mandarin, the sheraton ) 
  • Group
  • Commission
  • Religious Community
  • Common Place except (station/road/park)
  • Political parties
  • government except (Parliament)
  • Historical “empire/ caste/ place/ dynasty/ building/ event/ age or period”
  • Newspapers
  • Magazine, 
  • Religious books like ( the gita, the ramayana, the mahabharata, the bible, the koran, the illiad, the paradise lost, the upanishads, the puranas, the odyssey),
  •  Library
  • Institution
  • Museum
  • Ordinary number except (roman numbers)
  • Desert
  • Direction
  • Physical Position
  • Orchestra
  • Musical Instrument
  • Things that is one in world
  • Title/ Post/ Rank/ Position

1. The + noun + of + noun.

For example:-
The water of this well.

2. The + adjective + proper noun

For example:- 
The great Akbar was a king.

3. The + comparative degree + of the two + plural countable noun

For example:- 
Suman is ..the… more handsome of the two boys.

4. The +  comparative degree + Sub. + verb + (,) + the + comparative degree + Sub. + verb

For example:-
The higher we go, the cooler we feel.

5. Before superlative degree

For example:- 
She is ..the… most beautiful girl in the village.

6. Before clause or phrase

For example:-
..The… ‘girl with big blue eyes’ is my beloved.

7. Before national expressing words like ( the Asians, the Indian etc.)

For example:- 
 ..The… French defeated ..the… Germans.

8. To express the class of people like ( the rich, the sick, the honest, etc. )

For example:-
 ..The… rich should help ..the… helpless.

9. In case of noun in apposition

For example:-
Tagore, .the… poet, was famous.

10. Before Invention

For example:-
Who invented ..the… telescope.

11. Compare one proper noun with second proper noun 

For example:-
Mumbai is .the… London of India.
Abdul Kalam is ..the… Manchester of India.

12. In sense of rate (.the… singular countable noun)

For example:-
Bananas are sold by ..the… dozen.
Diesel is sold by ..the.. liter.

13. To show difference between two names.

For example:-
There are two Mohans in the class, but I like ..the… Mohan who is absent.

14. The + Plural surname = all family member
The misses + surname = all unmarried sisters in family

For other example are:-

  1.  ..The… Ganga is …a…. sacred river.
  2.  ..The… Himalayas lie to ..the… north of India.
  3.   ..The… black and ..*.. white horse is mine.
  4.   Ahmedabad is ..the… Manachester of India.
  5.   ..The… Gita is ..the… holy book. 
Use of Articles with examples

No use of “The”

1.) Before the names of 

  • Language
  • Subject like ( physics, chemestry, math, economics, hindi, etc.),
  • Universities
  • Noun, Proper Noun
  • Uncountable Noun
  • Plural Noun
  • Street/ Road
  • Airport/ Railway Station, 
  • Games
  • Disease
  • Days/ Months
  • Meals
  • Seasons
  • comparatives degree
  • Festival or Holidays except (their name)

2.) Before possessive sense or after apostrophe

For example:- 
Our’s bag are ready. 

3.) Part of day and night with using words ( at, by, after, around, before )

For example:-
Before evening, I will come back to my house. 

4.) Use article ‘the’ in the sense of second purpose and no article for first purpose. 

For example:-
I learnt English at school. 
His brother is still in hospital.
I went to the hospital to see my friend.

Some other example are:- 

  1. Do you play ..*… football.
  2. She enjoyed ..*… lunch with her friends. 
  3. We live on …*… earth.

Articles Exercises with Answers :-

  1. He is ..a… postman.
  2. Iron is ..a… useful metal.
  3. Which is ..the… longest river in India?
  4. ..The… French defeated ..the… Germans.
  5. Rajani is… intelligent girl.
  6. ..The… dinner was not properly served.
  7. ..The… rich should help ..the… helpless.
  8. America is ..the… richest country in world.
  9. ..The… sun rises in ..the… east.
  10. She is ..a… better singer than ..*… dancer.
  11. ..The… secretary and ..the… treasure were there.
  12. ..A… black and ..*… white horse is mine.
  13. Do you play ..*… hockey?
  14. Ahmedabad is ..the… Manchester of India.
  15. We drink ..*… water.
  16. ..The… tiger is ..a… fierce animal.
  17. ..*… Gold is ..a…. precious metal.
  18. Draw ..the… map of India.
  19. ..The… Punjab is a small state.
  20. ..The… Indian Ocean is ..the… deepest Ocean.
  21. ..*… Delhi is ..the… London of India.
  22. ..*… Rice is ..the… favourite food of ..the… Biharis.
  23. ..*… Parliament has passed ..the… bill.
  24. She enjoyed ..*… lunch with her friends.
  25. He is… L.L.B. but she is… M.A.
  26. Please give me ..a… one-rupees note.
  27. ..*… summer is ..a… hot season.
  28. ..The… Bible is ..a… religious book of ..the… Christians.
  29. His son-in-law wants ..a… glass of ..*… milk.
  30. Do’t open ..the… door.
  31. Switch off ..the… light.
  32. Eggs are sold by ..the… dozen.
  33. Each of ..the… girls has a book.
  34. We live on ..*… earth.
  35. ..The Rajadhani Express is ..the… fastest train in India.
  36. ..The… Gold of South Africa is exported to many countries.
  37. In India ..*…. parliament is supreme.
  38. ..The… statesman and ..*… scholar is dead.
  39. …An… S.D.O. is… officer of ..a… very high rank.
  40. ..The… President and ..*… S.D.O. is coming.
  41. O ..*… dearest friend, when will you come again.
  42. Kalidas was ..a… poet and ..*… dramatist.
  43. I patted him on ..the… shoulder.
  44. He moved from ..*… place to ..*… place.
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